Custom Embedded Electronics Development

Embedded Electronics Development

Our primary area of expertise revolves around the development of electronic modules, encompassing both hardware and embedded software.

We believe that being involved in the product development process from its early stages helps enhance its overall quality, while also minimizing both production and design costs. By keeping all aspects of development, including prototype production and testing, in-house, we ensure the shortest possible time-to-market period.

Our extensive knowledge lies in the realm of customized industrial electronics, subG telemetry solutions, and battery management systems. With our diverse range of experience, we have successfully executed projects operating in some of the most challenging environments on the planet, from the lofty heights of the Pohorje to the depths of the ocean floor.

What Makes Us Different

Our team is often referred to as “tech geeks” due to our inherent passion for technology. We are engineers at heart, not just by our intellectual capacity.

We firmly believe that the most effective solutions are often discovered in unexpected places and at unusual times, and can only be envisioned by individuals who possess an ability to think beyond conventional boundaries and limitations.

Our approach to problem-solving is not limited to our job descriptions, but rather extends to all aspects of our lives. This is what sets us apart as true engineers, driven by an unyielding desire to create and innovate.